Core Business


In 2012, following ANJ’s decision to streamline its core activities to focus on agribusiness (oil palm, food (sago), and renewable energy), the management decided to gradually exit the tobacco business and concentrate on higher-value agricultural products.

Since 2014, we have performed extensive trials in cultivating edamame, a high-protein green bean belonging to the soybean family (Glycine max.), and consumed as a snack or vegetable dish.


PT Gading Mas Indonesia Teguh (GMIT) works together and mentors individual farmers during the planting and harvesting of the edamame to manage the product quality. Since 2015, GMIT has been purchasing edamame from individual farmers and sells the products to the domestic market. Currently, the company has invested in a frozen line factory and entered into a strategic partnership with AJI HK Limited to facilitate GMIT's market expansion into Asia Pacific region, with a view to exporting its first frozen products in 2019.