Corporate governance


The Board of Commissioners is responsible for supervising the management of the Company. Its principal function is to advise and give recommendations to the Board of Directors.

It is also responsible for monitoring the policies adopted by the Board of Directors, and its performance in executing its management duties in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association of the Company and applicable laws and regulations. It is tasked with ensuring that the Board of Directors has implemented good corporate governance at all levels.

Currently, the composition of the Board of Commissioners is  as follows :

  • Adrianto Machribie, President Commissioner (Independent).
  • Arifin Mohamad Siregar, Independent Commissioner.
  • George Santosa Tahija, Commissioner.
  • Sjakon George Tahija, Commissioner.
  • Istama Tatang Siddharta, Commissioner.
  • Anastasius Wahyuhadi, Commissioner.
  • Josep Kristiadi, Independent Commissioner.
  • Darwin Cyril Noerhadi, Independent Commissioner.


The members of the Board of Commissioners have all met the qualification requirements as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations, specifically with regard to the capital market regulations, and they have a comprehensive understanding of the Company’s business activities so that they can make decisions independently as part of their duty to supervise the Company’s management.

The independence of the Board of Commissioners is essential to its efficacy as a mechanism of checks and balances. In compliance with the capital market regulations, consistently, more than 30% of the members are independent. There are currently four independent commissioners, representing 50% of the board. The independent commissioners fulfill the qualification requirements set out in all existing laws and regulations.


Board of Commissioners Charter