Corporate governance

Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary functions as a liaison, connecting the Company to external parties, especially in managing compliance with the Company’s responsibilities.

Currently, the Company’s Corporate Secretary is Naga Waskita. He was appointed as Corporate Secretary pursuant to a Letter of Appointment No. 001/FAD/ANJ/2013 dated 3 January 2013.

A breakdown of duties and responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary is as follows:

  • Ensuring full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, particularly to existing Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and capital market regulations.
  • Providing input and recommendations to the Company’s Board of Directors with respect to the Company’s compliance toapplicable laws and regulations, particularly in the capital markets.
  • Liaising with and assuming responsibility for correspondence with the OJK, IDX and other relevant parties.
  • Keeping abreast of developments and changes in capital market regulations.
  • Giving input and recommendations to the Company’s Board of Directors regarding legal matters of the Company and corporate action plans.
  • Being responsible for organizing meetings of the Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners and shareholders, as well as the Company’s annual public exposé.