Communication and Grievance

ANJ takes guidance from the RSPO in developing a protocol to facilitate communication of a complaint or grievance, stakeholders concerns or a suggestion. The protocol ensures public access to a transparent process to raise grievances and to allow grievances be dealt with fairly and in a timely manner. The protocol serves as an internal guide to review, address and monitor the outcome of any grievance. And the protocol ensures that outcomes of the process are appropriately disclosed to relevant parties. To ensure effectiveness, we will continue consulting the stakeholders and regularly review our Grievance Mechanism.

Grievance can be raised verbally to officers who then put the concerns in a grievance log, or raised in writing, by e-mail, by telephone or online through ANJ website. An entry will be generated in the grievance log that can be tracked to verify claims, rectify issues, report verification results, list actions taken, monitor response delivery to the stakeholder and monitor follow up actions.