Investor Relations

ANJ’S Corporate Statement on Comments Made by Stakeholders Regarding Its Oil Palm Development Project in West Papua

14 Aug 2014


ANJ is fully committed to sustainable development. In response to comments on clearing “intact forest landscapes” in the oil palm development project in West Papua region, ANJ immediately suspended field development operations to investigate the validity of the these comments.  ANJ has instituted the following:

  1. Reported to the RSPO, as soon as ANJ became aware of partial noncompliance to New Planting Procedures and has taken the necessary steps to achieve full compliance.
  2. Commissioned a full review of the High Conservation Value assessments to identify gaps, if any, even though the HCVF evaluation was done by RSPO registered assessors.
  3. Commissioned a full land use change analysis of its development sites to investigate forest loss, if any.  Compensation and remediation will be considered if any loss is identified.
  4. Commissioned a High Carbon stock assessment of the sites to ensure voluntary compliance to Green House Gases (GHG) emission requirements.
  5. Commissioned Landscape Analysis of the project site to ensure optimal conservation of areas within it, ensuring sustainable development.
  6. Undertake a review of Social Impact Studies, although the formal stakeholder consultation exercise has been completed and endorsed by relevant stakeholders.

ANJ’s approach will involve transparent reporting by independent consultants, which will be shared with relevant stakeholders. The results of the above actions/studies will provide the company with information to better guide its development project in West Papua. 

ANJ has always sought to surpass the current industry best practices and sustainability standards and as an Indonesian company, it seeks to bring sustainable development to Papua.


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