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ANJ Stakeholders Meeting for Palm Plantation Development in South Sorong

08 Dec 2016


Teminabuan, 8 December 2016 - PT Permata Putera Mandiri (PPM) and Putera Manunggal Perkasa (PMP), subsidiaries of PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ), conducted a stakeholder meeting to provide updates on oil palm plantation development in South Sorong Regency on Thursday (8/12). The Regent of South Sorong, Samsudin Anggiluli SE, opened the meeting, which was also attended by Vice Regent, Martinus Salamuk, and other Regency of South Sorong Officials, Maybrat Regency representatives, and the indigenous communities and customary land-right holders located in the PPM and PMP concession areas. The meeting was held at the hall of Martin Luther Church in Teminabuan.

According to Regent. Anggiluli, such meeting is very important for the the economic development and progress of South Sorong Regency. “The regional economy will grow fast with the presence of investment. I therefore hope the stakeholders could see the benefits by having PPM and PMP operate in this region,” he said.

Any issues regarding the impact of investment shall be resolved amicably, so PPM and PMP may proceed with the operational plan soon and contribute benefits to South Sorong people, especially the community living around the area. “There is no need to point finger. The companies are striving to increase the development of the region. The benefits are enormous. So let us sit down together to solve all the issues with the faciliation of the regency government,” he added firmly.

Kaiso Tribe Chief, Salmon Sira, who delivered speech as a representative of all of the tribes’ chiefs and customary land-right owners located in the PPM and PMP concession area, supported the South Sorong Regent explanation. “Let us work together and resolve issues peacefully.  We also ask the Company to resolve pending issues relating to customary rights in an honest manner,” he said.

According to ANJ Sustainability Director, Sonny Sukada, the stakeholders meeting is held to provide an update on PPM and PMP progress and plan, as well as to present and discuss the social development plan, plasma development policy and plan, and the result of high conservation value forest (HCVF) study in the concession area. “Discussing the issues with our stakeholders shows our commitment in putting forward Responsible Development principle in our business and operation,” he said.

Sonny also said that the principle seeks balance between environment, people, and sustainability as those are key aspects in developing ANJ business and operations.  

Throughout 2016, ANJ has conducted two stakeholders meetings with regard to its  investment in West Papua. In early June 2016, ANJ held a public consultation for its oil palm plantation in Maybrat Regency.  The meeting was held at the Mratuwa Hotel, Teminabuan, on June 2016.

Emphasizing the significance of the PPM and PMP stakeholder meeting, Sonny stated that the meeting brought together everyone’s interests and aspirations in the same forum.  “Investment and goodwill will create progress.  The intention to elevate people’s lives needs invovement from all concerned.  It is collaboration and teamwork that will move us forward and grow,” said Sonny.



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