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Pati Alam


PATI ALAM® is our flagship brand of sago starch for industry, produced from sago trees found in the indigenous forest of West Papua. The sago palms are found growing naturally in the forest without the benefit of pesticides, fertilizers or any other additives. We apply selective harvesting management techniques to ensure the sustainability of the environment  and we also directly manage the log transportation from the forest until they arrive at the log pond at the factory site.

Our factory is equipped with the latest plant technology to enable us to produce premium quality sago starch for the export market.





Product: Native Papua Sago Starch
Storage: Dry, 20-30o C
Shelf life: 12 months

Parameter of Analyses Limit Method/Parameter
Moisture Content Max 13% Oven
Starch Content Min 80% Polarimeter
Ash Content Max 0.2% SNI: 3729 : 2008
Fiber Content Max 0.5% SNI: 3729 : 2008
Particle size 120 mesh Min 99% Sieve
Black spot (pcs/100cm2) Max 15% Visual
pH of aqueous extract (6% dry basis solution) 4.5-6.5 pH meter
Color (whiteness) Min 80 wb Whiteness (wb) meter
L value ≥ 90* Spectrophotometer
SO2 Residue (not used) ND * Titrimetric
Microbial < 10* TPC
< 10 * E. Coli
< 10* Mold
Heavy metal residue < 1 * Pb
< 10 * Cu
< 0.05 * Hg
< 0.5 * As

*quarterly analysis, external lab