Sustainability Commitment

We practice sustainable development through our responsible development approach as guided by our corporate vision, mission, and values and founded on a healthy balance of the triple bottom line. We strive to be a world class agribusiness-based food company that elevates the lives of people and nature by ensuring that we only prosper and grow as a business when our communities and the environment around us also grow and prosper in a balanced and equitable manner. 

Our success as a group can be attained when our communities are healthy and prosperous, our employees enjoy a safe, fair, and equitable workplace, and when the environment in and around our operational areas is healthy. To us, the triple bottom line is about maintaining an equilibrium between prosperity, planet, and people, all three being mutually interdependent. Hence, we are committed to responsible business practices which require that the Company takes into consideration ethical, environmental, and social factors when striving for profitability.