Sustainability Governance

Sustainability responsibility is embedded into each of ANJ’s employees. Due to this embedded characteristic, the function to determine strategies, target, policies, implement programs and monitor progress lie with the highest executive authority, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The CEO works closely with all directors. In case of overall sustainability aspects, specifically regarding the development and execution of the Company’s sustainability commitments and initiatives including formulating the sustainability policy, strategic direction, and the implementation of the initiative, the responsibility falls under the Director of Sustainability. The Director of Sustainability is assisted by a team of senior managers, namely the Head of CID and Cooperatives, Head of Conservation, Head of Government Relations for East Region, Senior Manager of Government Relations for West Region, Internal Communication Manager, and the Corporate Communication Manager.

Other departments that relate closely to the sustainability function at the Regional Office/Head Office levels also work with the sustainability department. These are

  1. Compliance department, which assist and report to our Vice President Director to ensure compliance of operation department to RSPO standards and other certification requirements.
  2. Business Process and Business Development for Smallholders, which, together with our ICT department, is responsible for the development of the traceability system and the implementation of the traceability project.
  3. Logistics and Procurement department, which procure crops from smallholders and is responsible to the Commercial Director (CFO).

The performance of the Sustainability Director and his/her team is overseen by the CSR and Sustainability Committee (non-executive Board) chaired by a commissioner of the Group, that also provides advice to ANJ Group’s CSR and sustainability plans and monitoring of their development and execution. The Sustainability team report quarterly at the CSR & Sustainability Committee meetings and bi-weekly at the ANJ Executive Leadership Team (AELT) meetings attended by the complete BOD, including members from subsidiaries.

At the executive Board level, a regular meeting is done on a bi-weekly basis, which include Sustainability issues. In addition, an Executive Sustainability Committee meeting, attended by the Sustainability Director, President Director, Vice President Director, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and advisors, is conducted on a monthly basis to integrate and synchronize the implementation of sustainability projects. To address sustainability issues related to legal, human resources or engineering aspects, the Legal Director, Human Capital Director, and Engineering Director will be invited to the meeting.

Each estate will have its own Sustainability Manager, who directly report to the Estate General Manager to implement sustainability on the ground level. This Sustainability Manager has a dotted line to the Head of CID, Head of Sustainability, Head of Compliance and Head of Stakeholder Relations, the Regional Office/Head office. The dotted line provides technical supervision and support to the implementation on the ground. The Sustainability Manager in each estate will be supported by staff and non-staff employees to carry out Sustainability Programs on the ground.

Sustainability Governance structure as of 2 April 2022

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