Traceability Map

Recognizing the importance of transparency in our palm oil supply chain for our stakeholders, we endeavor to provide information and a better understanding about the origin of the Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) processed in our mills to produce CPO. About 34% of our FFB are supplied by third-party suppliers and 5% from plasma and partnership schemes. All of our third-party FFB suppliers, plasma and partnership schemes are located in the same province where our mills are located and, hence, all our FFB suppliers are based in Indonesia. As an upstream company, we do not engage in refining, and we do not source CPO from other mills.

We own and operate five palm oil mills and one kernel crushing plant in our Group. The following map shows the locations of third-party supplying plantations and the percentage of palm oil fruit supplied to each of our mill, which can be found by clicking each location. It also provides information about the sources of FFB in each mill and plant, the amount of FFB procured, and how much traceability to the plantation has been achieved. These are based on reports which will be updated on a quarterly basis. Upon request, we can provide more details about traceability to the plantation to our buyers and customers.

In April 2015 ANJ scheme smallholder maps have been submitted to the RSPO along with ANJ concession maps. The map for ANJ concession and scheme smallholders for KAL, ANJAS and PMP can be accessed from https://rspo.org/as-an-organisation/tools/georspo/

For more information about ANJ’s traceability progress. Please click the following link [ANJ Traceability Progress]

(All data accurate as of 31 December 2022, unless stated otherwise)