Corporate governance

Value Champion

ANJ aspires to create a corporate culture based on our three core values of Integrity, Respect for People and the Environment, and Continuous Improvement. These three values provide the foundation for all our objectives, policies and operations. At each of our offices and estates, we have appointed one-to-three Value Champions who, in addition to their regular work for the Company, also help to model and communicate the values to their co-workers. In this way, we aim to ensure that the values are internalized and upheld across the organization. When necessary, they also serve as intermediaries between management and employees, for example, by facilitating employees in making complaints, voicing grievances or finding appropriate assistance. There were a total of 32 Value Champions in the Company by the end of 2021.

The Value Champions submit monthly reports on their observations of actions and behaviors that either embody or conflict with the core values. These reports are reviewed, analyzed and consolidated by an organizing committee, and the analysis is forwarded to the Company’s ‘Value Guardians’, currently Commissioners George Santosa Tahija and Anastasius Wahyuhadi, who may take further action if warranted. Value Champions are also responsible for immediately reporting any action or conduct that requires urgent attention.