PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Agri (“ANJA”) was established in March 1986.  We are a growing company in Indonesia, primarily involved in the cultivation and harvesting of fresh fruit bunches (“FFB”) from our oil palm plantations and milling FFB into crude palm oil (“CPO”) and palm kernel (“PK”), and are in the process of rapidly expanding our palm oil business.


PT ANJ Agri Papua (“ANJAP”) was established in September, 2007 in order to develop and oversee our Papua Sago Project.  We are in the process of developing sago harvesting and processing operations in West Papua.


PT Austindo Aufwind New Energy (“AANE”) was established in 2008 and operates our biogas business. Biogas is produced from organic material and can be used as fuel in gen-sets. AANE is already operating  its first plant at our Belitung Island Plantation and is processing waste water from our palm oil mill.